Clay Night Out Workshops

(Held at Potters Place studio in Walpole)

CREATE A SERVING PLATTER    7:30 – 9:30 p.m.   $65 per person (plus firing fee)
Thursday, February 1  (create) and March 8  (glaze)

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at creating a functional piece of art from a lump of clay, this Serving Platter Workshop is for you.
You’ll learn the basics of pottery including slab rolling, coil making, using texturizing tools and stampers, attaching decorative elements, etc.
I’ll help you create a beautiful serving platter and you’ll return to finish your piece in the glaze combination you choose.

   I’m happy to run a workshop for your group of six or more … email me!

NEW !!!     Parent & Older Child Handbuilding & Sgraffito Workshop
(Grade 7 & Older)
Thursday, February 22    7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
$65 per pair (plus firing fee, which is based on the size of your finished pieces)


Enjoy an evening sharing the art of clay together. You’ll each create a handbuilt piece (bowl, mug, vase, plate, trivet, etc.) that you will then decorate using the sgraffito technique. Sgraffito comes from the Italian word graffiare, meaning “to scratch”. It is a technique that has been used in Europe since classical times, and was common in Italy in the 16th century. You’ll apply Engobe (a colored slip) to your piece, and then, using various tools you’ll scratch away parts of the layers to create images, patterns and texture, while revealing the contrasting clay beneath. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you come with a sketch or photocopy of line-art that you may want to use as your sgraffito design.

The Zen of Pinch Potting
Thursday evening, April 5    7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
$45 per person (plus firing fee, which is based on the size of your finished piece)

Perfect class for decompressing after a long day!

You’ll learn how to make humble pinch pots which can then be turned into functional pieces of art. A very tactile class as we create, smooth and refine our bowls. Chawans (Japanese tea bowls) and Bhars (Indian Chai cups) are our inspiration. Keep your cups modest or embellish them with feet, coils and carved designs. You’ll glaze your pieces and leave them to be kiln fired. 


South Shore friends … Check out The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury’s schedule … Clay Night Out for adults and Kids Try-It Workshops.
for details and registration, visit